Oilfield Chemicals

When you need consistent quality chemicals that will not only provide exceptional performance, but actually increase your efficiency and productivity, you need Denaris Industries.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

At current oil prices, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is very attractive as a method to increase reserves, production and profitability. we provide wide range of products and solutions.

Drilling Fluid Additives

Drilling fluid additives are specialty products. High-quality, high performance additives that deliver consistent performance, cost effectiveness, and the environmental acceptability. We deliver all with our products.

Completion Fluids Additives

Our solutions for oil field and drilling industried helps production lines to perform better and increase their productivity at lowest cost. Our products assure you would reach there.

Denaris Industries

Denaris Industries, is a leading chemical manufacturer and supplier in United States, we would like the chance to support you operate at lower costs and maximum efficiency. Denaris Industries is a wholly owned Texas Corporation, it was incorporated under the laws of the state of Texas in 2012 and began full operations in 2014.

We specialize in the provision of support services to the Oil & Gas industry; our areas of business include Supplies and Engineering of Oilfield Chemicals, Design and Manufacturing of Process Equipment along with Oilfield Equipment Rentals and Engineering Services.

Denaris Industries, also supplies a wide range of chemicals for Drilling fluids, completion fluids, production chemicals and enhanced oil recovery applications. In addition to these excellent line of chemical products developed and supplied we supply general industrial and commercial chemicals.

We provide General and custom Services such as Toll Blending services for Industrial and Oilfield chemicals, Tank Cleaning services, and Central Processing Facility, Management services. Our clients include international oil companies, independent/ marginal field operators, service providers and oilfield contractors.

These clients are supported by our global network of strategic partners who ensure prompt supplies and services wherever and whenever required. When we work with you, we provide extensive.

Denaris Industries, your one choice for all solutions

Our wide range of services and products let you save and reduce cost of your production. Suppling all your chemical needs for dripping or oil field production line help you to save time for ordering and logistics.

Advanced Services and Products

Management Services
  • Repacking
  • Private-Labeling
  • Custom bag printing
  • Bagging/Packing
  • Grinding
  • Screening and sizing
  • Warehousing
  • Bulk chemical storage
  • Logistic and Export
  • Proprietary Products
  • Custom Toll Manufacturing
  • Custom Chemicals Blending
  • Custom Dilutions
  • Packing and Labeling
  • Technical and Laboratory Support
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation and Logistic
  • Oil Chemicals
  • Drilling Fluids Chemical for Completion Fluids
  • Completion Fluids Additives
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Production Chemicals
  • Fracking & Stimulation Chemicals
  • General Industry & Commercial Chemicals